Tuesday, 6 October 2015


 In this this image, the gender is represented in a way to show how the men are more dominant than the women. This can be shown by the man in the centre, his position shows that he has authority,he is also in a suit which is another way to show his power, authority and professionalism. This suggests that he must be the main character. The women in this picture are portrayed as less important mainly because they are all lower than the men which could either suggest that they are of a lower class or that they are less important, both women have shirts on that are open and reveal assets that would lure men to look at them.
In this shot from the TV drama Happy Valley, we can see that there is only one gender that is being represented. A women is caring for another women which shows a caring, motherly nature. The facial expressions show that the women on the right is in pain and the women on the left is worried/concerned. No power/dominance is shown as they are both on an equal level in the shot.

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  1. good observations, but you could have included a little more detail, e.g. proxemics. Remember womAn is singular, womEn is the plural