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Ex Machina Essay

Summary of Ex Machina

Programmer Caleb wins an internal competition at the company where he works and is invited to spend a week at the mountain estate of the company's owner, Nathan. On arrival, Caleb finds that the place is a state-of-art facility. Nathan gives him a non-disclosure contract to sign. Then he explains that he is assigned to evaluate the reactions and emotions of artificial intelligence in a female body called Ava. Caleb interviews Ava, and she uses a power outage to tell him that he should not trust Nathan. Along the day, Caleb is involved by Ava and plots a scheme to let her flee from the facility. Meanwhile Nathan tells him that he has been manipulated by Ava. Who is telling the truth?

Alex Garland

Ex Machina is a 2015 British science fiction thriller film written and directed by Alex Garland. The foundation for Ex Machina was laid when Garland was 11 or 12 years old, after he had done some basic coding and experimentation on a computer his parents had bought him and which he sometimes felt had a mind of its own. His later ideas came from years of discussions he had been having with a friend with an expertise in neuroscience, who claimed machines could never become sentient. Trying to find an answer on his own, he started reading relevant books about the topic.

why did Ex Machina do so well in the box office?

Firstly, the genre of the Ex Machina and the release date of the movie. As this movie is a Sci-Fi/Drama/Mystery/Romance type of film, it engages an array of audiences, which will increase the number of viewers the movie gets. This is a dominant factor from the offset in a film in being able to triumph at the box office. Naturally, Sci-Fi movies do well at the box office because they are particular and different to any other movie.The rating for Ex Machina is R in the United States,  (equivalent to an 18 in the United Kingdom). This means that it isn’t a four quadrant film, it does not appeal to all audiences, it may be inappropriate for younger audiences, which will drop the amount of views the movie will get by a substantial amount. The film also involves a large amount of intelligence which will intrigue people with ambitions within their choices of career. 

Secondly the actors in Ex Machina may have also contributed to the triumph at the box office. there were only three main characters in this movie that are not that well known and have not featured in many major films. however, the actors who play Caleb and Nathan in the movie are both going to be in the new upcoming star wars movie which is most likely going to be an absolutely huge box office hit. this could be a huge reason why the movie succeeded in the box office. Domhnall Gleeson (Caleb) who has starred in About Time, Unbroken and Never Let Me Go. Oscar Isaac (Nathen) known for Inside Llewyn Davis and Drive. Alicia Vikander who has starred in The Man for U.N.C.L.E and Seventh Son. The producers Andrew MacDonald and Allon Reich have worked together for many films including Dredd, 28 weeks later and Sunshine on Leith. In pre –production the director and screen writer Alex Garaland has also worked with the producers on the films like Dredd. Alex Garaland is not very well known, some of the films he has worked with are 28 Days Later and Never Let Me Go. 

in conclusion, i believe as well as many others, that Ex Machina is an absolutely brilliant movie and deserved to be in the box office. to say that the creators budget was only $15000000, they earned $38000000 afterwards, which is absolutely outstanding for a low budget British film.


     Alicia Vikander 
     Oscar Isaac 
Nathan Bateman 
     Domhnall Gleeson 
Caleb Smith 
     Claire Selby 
     Symara Templeman 
     Corey Johnson 
     Sonoya Mizuno 
     Gana Bayarsaikhan  
     Tiffany Pisani 
     Elina Alminas 

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