Monday, 2 November 2015



Donna has a physical disability resulting in her having to use a wheelchair occasionally to get from A to B. During the scene when Fat boy comes to take her on a date, through a high angle shot, we see that she is getting ready and see that she is dressed up looking very feminine. She wears a short, red, lacy dress that shows off a lot of skin including her chest and cleavage, arms and her lower legs this shows femininity, the colour red can also show lots of different emotions, for example, it could suggest love, anger, fierceness or danger. Donna goes away from the stereotype of non-sexual because she is wearing quite sexualised clothes. She also got ready by herself which shows independence because she didn't need any assistance, showing that the character is rebelling against the stereotype of being a burden. The character of Donna shows that she is a counter type because she is seen to subvert stereotypes of disabled people and show her independence and how she is different to other people.
During the scene, Donna falls over and Fat boy comes to help her. At this point they are both at he same level (fats was kneeling down and Donna had fallen) and the camera shows an equal mid shot. This shows that their is no dominant person and they are both the same. Soon after, Fats stands up and leaves Donna on the floor, which then changes the camera to a shot reverse shot due to their different levels. When the camera moves from person to person, the camera, when facing Fats, is at a low angle showing him to be higher up than Donna, and showing his dominance and power against her. When the camera points at Donna, it is from a high angle presenting her to be weak and powerless similar to a stereotype of disabled people.
An example of sound during the scene is the diegetic music in the background. The radio is playing an upbeat, lively song whilst Donna gets ready for their date. The music makes the scene seem more realistic and it also attempts to cut out the awkwardness between them both when there is silence. When the characters are talking, Donna shouts at Fats to leave and he does so. Although the camera is pointing down at her, she regains her power by ordering the male character to leave. Due to her disability, it is often thought that disabled people have no power because they are restricted, but Donna goes against this making her character a counter type.

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  1. some good observations and considerations here. Could you link to some narrative theory?